"...The result of Verdi's masterpiece (La Traviata) was excellent, staged at the Swedish National Opera: Milletarì manages to sensitively accompany singers without reducing the orchestra to a mere supporting actor. Quite the opposite: it obtains powerful and refined colours from the instruments, takes great care of the beauty of the sound, always shiny and clean, gives the narration a swift and theatrically effective pace..."
(Fabio Larovere, Corriere della Sera)

"...In the orchestra pit Vincenzo Milletarì leads with skill and authority, he controls the eminent Royal Danish Orchestra with great insight, and he constantly follows the singers on stage and the Lyngbo's versatile regie." 


"Vincenzo Milletarì drives the orchestra into extreme spheres of expression right from the start, sets sharp accents, heats through the piece with amazing rubati - and yet does everything exactly as Berlioz stipulates in his score.

Unlike in most performances, Milletarì favors smoothing, sharply distinguishing between a mezzoforte, a forte and a fortissimo: even the quadruple piano of the famous horn glissando in the final movement is still audibly graded from that of the triplet intoned just before. phenomenal!"
(Stephan Schwarz-Peters - Nürnberger Nachrichten)

"The conductor Vincenzo Milletarì was the absolute highlight and totally in control in front of the orchestra." 


"Milletarì's gestures are broad and manifest, the attacks are precise. He breathes and pauses with the singers and the result is a Trovatore less bombastic than usual, but full of the nocturnal colours and the sober timbres of this unusual score. The agogic range chosen by the young director is broad: oases of lunar calm moments alternate with moments of fiery excitement, but never too pompous."

(Renato Verga, Bachtrack)

"Vincenzo Milletarì, a protege of Riccardo Muti and Pier Giorgio Morandi, instilled drama and excitement in every note of Verdi’s score. He can build a scene, or an entire act, to a thrilling climax, which allowed me to forget for a moment or two that I wasn’t sitting in an opera house."

(Rick Perdian, Seen and Heard International)

"Il direttore ora è sciolto, esce un suono fluido, bellissimo dall’orchestra. Tutto è chiaro come il sole. Da ascoltare e vedere."

(Mario Dal Bello, Città Nuova)

 "Hudebního nastudování se ujal mladý italský dirigent Vincenzo Milletarì, který se ve Státní opeře představil už před rokem v Pucciniho opeře Madama Butterfly. Rigoletta měl silně vcítěného. Po celou dobu na něm bylo vidět jeho hluboké sžití s hudbou, s účinkujícími artikuloval text, byl na ně soustředěně napojený. Orchestr vedl pečlivě, s výrazově jasnými, i když nerozmáchlými gesty. Orchestr pod jeho taktovkou hrál svěže, bezchybně, podal výborný výkon. Stejně tak dobře připravený sbor."

(Veronika Paroulková, Klasikaplus)